Program to consolidate Armenian students around the world
During a June 22 press conference, members of the Global Education and Research Alliance presented the Alliance’s student programs that are being presented in Armenia for the first time ever.
Yerevan Theater of the Young Spectators hosts performance of play “The Taste of Honey” once again
After a long interval, the Yerevan Theater of the Young Spectator hosted the performance of Sheila Dillon’s play “The Taste of Honey” once again.
Yerevan Young Minds: Creative young people with new ideas
Awesome Foundation Yerevan has granted $1,000 dollars to Yerevan Young Minds youth group to implement a unique initiative. Students will be creating 30 pieces of equipment designed for physics experiments and providing them to schools.
When mothers and children run
On June 23, mothers and their little children participated in the MamaBalikRun-2018 charity race.
Paper and plastic are not trash
There were a lot of papers and people at 10 Zakyan Street in Yerevan today as people collected plastic containers, paper boxes, used and useless paper through the “Paper is Not Trash” and “Plastic is Not Trash” charity action since early morning.
Young people of Ijevan are invited to attend “Media Participation” training course
Are you a young person? Do you want to participate in the governance of your community with command of the methods of participation and the basics of new media? If you answered yes to these questions, then this course is just for you.