By Gayane Melikyan
Third Armenian-Russian Youth Forum draws to an end
The Third Armenian-Russian Youth Forum drew to an end at Aghveran Resort, which is located near Charentsavan (2017 Youth Capital of the Republic of Armenia).

Among the participants of the forum are representatives of the youth sectors in the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, including state officials, representatives of the youth sector of national state bodies, young leaders, researchers and members of youth organizations.

For several consecutive days, young people of Russia and Armenia held discussions under several headings (New Opportunities of the Eurasian Economic Union; Youth Mobility and Interplay; State Youth Policy: Social Guarantees for Youth and Young Families; Youth Innovations, Initiatives and Commercialization; Programmatic Activities; International and Interregional Relations; Regional Security: The Perspective of Youth; Youth Employment Issues; Youth Entrepreneurship; Youth Information Sector: Electronic Media and Blogosphere). There were individual speeches and group discussions.

After the discussions, the Russian and Armenian parties made a proposal for the development of a strategy and recommendations and put the adoption of the general declaration up for a vote. The declaration was unanimously approved.

After the forum, the parties will jointly fulfill the points in the adopted declaration throughout the year and will present the results of the activities during the forum to be held next year.

Director of the “Youth Events Holding Center” SNCO Davit Hayrapetyan granted certificates of participation to the young Russians and Armenians.

The main purpose of the forum was to support the strengthening of Russian-Armenian cooperation in the youth policy sector, facilitate the discussion on youth issues in the relevant sectors of the policy and promote intersectoral cooperation in line with the needs of youth.

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