By Gaiane Melikyan
Photos by Gaiane Melikyan
Aghveran hosts training program for experts
From December 11 to 12, Aghveran hosted the Training Program for Experts conducting Expert Examinations, which is part of the online grant program of the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

Head of the Department of Youth Policies at the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs Tamara Torosyan, Head of the Division for Program Development and Implementation Armenuhi Petrosyan and Director of the “Youth Events Holding Center” SNCO Davit Hayrapetyan introduced the experts to their powers, duties, functions and the activities that are being carried out jointly.

Tamara Torosyan greeted the participants and stated that the training program not only prepares the experts for the upcoming activities, but also helps them see several flaws and problems more clearly.

“Experts need to be impartial. They also need to be attentive, think hard and give correct and specific evaluations before assessing any program. Of course, experts also need to study and become familiar with the 2018-2022 State Youth Strategy of the Republic of Armenia and the priorities,” Tamara Torosyan stated and wished the experts success.

Armenuhi Petrosyan and Davit Hayrapetyan presented the draft decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “Revision of the Procedure for Granting Scholarships to Youth Non-Governmental Organizations by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia”, as well as the formats for applications and evaluations.

The experts discussed the mentioned issues and made recommendations.

There was also a discussion on the examples of effective and ineffective evaluations.

The experts were also introduced to the priorities in the 2018-2022 State Youth Strategy of the Republic of Armenia.

At the end of the program, the participants received their certificates.