By WVA Ijevan Office
Playground of Sarigyugh village improved through cooperation between club and village council
For the past two years, the IMPACT club in the Sarigyugh village of Tavush Province has been engaging the children of the village and promoting their civic engagement and consolidation for the solution to the issues of the village.

The club shapes an environment for informal education and provides the children with knowledge about citizenry, leadership and other spheres and helps them build their capacities. The children go on to apply their knowledge during implementation of community programs.

The IMPACT club of Sarigyugh held its second community program called “Breaking Stereotypes through Sports”. The goal of the program was to promote a healthy lifestyle and organize athletic games by improving the look of the local playground. The program was also supported by the authorities of the Sarigyugh village, namely head of the village, Mr. Ellaryan, who co-funded the program with funds from the village’s charity fund. Before that, members of the club had met with the head of the village and presented the program. The head of the village expressed commitment to improve the look of certain areas of the playground. The gates for volleyball, mini and big football were repaired, the gate to the entrance was installed, benches were placed, and the club installed nets, benches and worked on design with the support of World Vision. The works were carried out with the participation of the club’s members and leaders, volunteers, residents and employees of the local self-government body. The head of the village was among the attendees. The playground of the village is in a better condition. Head of the village Komitas Ellaryan received a certificate of appreciation for his active cooperation and for making a contribution to program implementation. The leaders and volunteers, as well as the physical education teacher of the local school and the club’s members also received certificates of appreciation. Member of the club, 15-year-old Alla says it is important to provide the leisure for her peers. “The children now have a placed to play and be involved in sports. It feels good to make a change in my village,” she said. Vitali, 14, is participating in the program for the first time and stated that the boys and girls can be involved in sports and hold competitions so that they can be healthier.

The IMPACT Program was developed in Romania by the New Horizons Foundation and is being carried out in Armenia by World Vision Armenia. The goal is to consolidate young people within IMPACT clubs and help them gain the capacities necessary for a civil society and required for competitiveness in the labor market.