By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Nune Harutyunyan
Yeraz Park opened on 1 June
On June 1, International Children’s Defense Day, Yeraz Park officially opened. Children and their parents kept coming to the park where they celebrated the opening and International Children’s Defense Day.

The children were greeted by Alice and the Hatter who had traveled from Wonderland to Yeraz Park. They sat around a table that had a unique design and “drank tea”, while the children closely followed them.

Various events were organized at the park. Dance groups from Yerevan and Armenia’s provinces performed various kinds of dances, starting from Armenian folk dances and ending with modern dances. The concert that had begun since morning also featured musical numbers, including games with a clown. There were also contests and performances, and the winners of the contests received surprise gifts.

Various companies had also organized an exhibition-sale of products devoted to International Children’s Defense Day. The festive program and entertaining events will end with a splendid fireworks display in the evening. Let us mention that International Children’s Defense Day is celebrated every June 1st and was approved by the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Paris in 1949. Besides that, there is also a Universal Children’s Day (20 November), the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression (4 June) and the Day of the African Child (16 June).

Armenia ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990 and passed the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On the rights of the child” in 1996. International Children’s Defense Day is celebrated in Yerevan and all Armenian provinces through events.