Join Young European Ambassadors green party in Armavir!
Young European Ambassadors team up with NGO ‘Sunrise Children’s Support Center’ in organising green-themed event in Armavir on 3 June. Overall 20 trees will be planted by the YEAs together with children. After tree-planting, a green party will be held which will be comprised of outdoor green activities. These will include practical activities on waste reduction, waste sorting and recycling, reduction of water consumption, healthy food, nature protection, etc.

One of Armenia’s longest and most serious environmental issues continues to be the forest crisis. According to some scientists, current rates of deforestation will result in nationwide desertification. To raise awareness about this problem it was decided to organize a tree-planting and green party in Armavir on the occasion of the World Environment Day. 

Besides, outdoor learning experiences are considered to be inaccessible to people with disabilities. For this reason, Sunrise Children’s Support Center, the beneficiaries of which are children with disabilities, was selected as a venue of activities. The project aims at raising the understanding of the impact of daily actions on the natural environment having people with disabilities in the focus of the activities. 

Young European Ambassadors will led series of civic engagement actions in the Eastern Partner countries in the framework of the World Environment Day (5 June).  The actions will take place between 2 and 10 June 2018 and will revolve around tree-planting activities that raise awareness about the EU’s role for environment protection and promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the Eastern Partner countries. They will directly engage with local audiences by reaching out to local communities (school pupils, NGOs, university students.

The EU funded ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project places a strong emphasis on engaging young people. For this reason, the project launched the ‘Young European Neighbours’ (YEN) network and the ‘Young European Ambassadors’ (YEAs) initiative in June 2016, which aims at fostering cooperation and sustainable links between young people and youth organisations from the European Union (EU) Member States and the Eastern Neighbourhood countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The network is primarily an online platform that facilitates the mutual exchange of ideas and information on the EU, as well as promotes engagement of young people in outreach action. It focuses on people-to-people contact and dialogue-driven activities that will contribute to an enhanced understanding and perception of the EU and a greater appreciation of its relationships with the Eastern Neighbourhood.