By Tamara Gasparyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2018-06-11 12:31
Masis Arakelian gives concert
Germany-based Armenian songwriter and Tenor Masis Arakelian gave his third concert in Armenia. The concert featured performances of classic German and Armenian songs and was held at Komitas Museum-Institute.
“Masis Arakelian has been disseminating Armenian culture around the world for a long time. When we talked to him, we realized that he was not quite presented in Armenia as an artist, but had years of experience, including his own works and adaptations. This is what made us attach importance to his visit to Armenia and his performance for the Armenian audience,” Lilit Hakobyan, one of the concert’s organizers, told
The vocal music concert, which was entitled “Crane! The Love of the Poet” and dedicated to the 2,800th anniversary of the foundation of Erebouni-Yerevan, featured performances of the works of Komitas, Robert Schumann, Masis Arakelian and other Armenian composers.
Masis Arakelian was born into an Armenian family in Isfahan. At the age of 11, he started studying church singing as a soloist for Armenian conductor Movses Panosian. At the age of 13, he received his first prize at the Youth Performing Arts Competition held by the Ministry of Culture of Iran. Later, he received his education as a classic tenor and composer in Berlin.
Masis Arakelian adapts old and contemporary Armenian, Persian and other lyrical works, making them resonant again through classical singing. He gives concerts under the titles “Crane” and “Dialogue”.