By Slavik Alaverdyan
Photos by Gerasim Alaverdyan and Mary Amirzyan
Presentation of conversation book in a youth capital
On September 11, 2018, Meline Melikyan’s Armenian-English-Hindi-Russian conversation book was presented during an event held at the Tavush Regional Library and organized by the “Union of Creative Youth” NGO and Tavush Regional Library.
Among the attendees were the Library’s employees headed by Director Anahit Ghukasyan, students and employees of the Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University, as well as young people and schoolchildren.
The Master of Ceremonies was President of the “Union of Creative Youth” NGO Slavik Alaverdyan.
Expressing gratitude to the attendees, Alaverdyan stated that the conversation book’s author (one of the founding members of the NGO) had recently left for India to continue his studies at the Central Institute of Indian Languages in Agra and suggested watching the author’s video message.
Afterwards, Alaverdyan presented the author’s work and the story behind the creation of the conversation book.
Meline Melikyan was born in 1993 in the borderline Voskevan village of Tavush Province, graduated from the Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University and went on to obtain a Master of Arts from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at Yerevan State University. Between 2014 and 2018, she worked at Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University.
Alongside her job, she learned Hindi at Galik School in Ijevan and enhanced his knowledge of Hindi through self-education.
Taking into consideration the large number of Indian students and businessmen in Armenia, the number of Armenians interested in Hindi and the fact that there had never been an Armenian-Hindi conversation book published in Armenia, she compiled the Armenian-English-Hindi-Russian conversation book, which will be helpful for both foreigners and Armenians.
The conversation book contains 1,325 words and phrases that are used in more frequent situations and is designed for festivals, international conferences, sporting events and for tourists visiting different countries around the world.
In their speeches, employees of the Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University Hripsime Gasparyan and Emma Temrazyan also congratulated the attendees and the author, talked about the high personal qualities of the author and expressed their admiration of the 25-year-old author’s hard work and admired the fact that she had made such a serious achievement, pursued her dream and set an example for others at a young age.
In his concluding speech, Slavik Alaverdyan stated that most of the expenses for the release of the conversation book were covered by Meline Melikyan’s family and friends, and Melikyan received financial assistance from head of the enlarged Noyemberyan community Karen Abazyan.
He added that the conversation book is already on sale at bookstores in Yerevan and Ijevan and expressed gratitude once again for the attendees’ attendance and wished that the conversation book would be helpful in different situations.