By Gaiane Melikyan
Youth Empowerment Program has been launched
From September to November 2018, the NGO Center civil society development NGO is holding the Youth Empowerment Program with the support of NESEHNUTÍ-Independent Social Ecological Movement.

The goal of the program is to help solve environmental issues through the involvement of young mentors and participants from the Alaverdi, Akhtala and Odzun communities of multi-family residences.

Through the program, the Uruyn Center for Tourism in the Dsegh village of Lori Province hosted a three-day tent camping event from September 15 to 17l

In an interview with, Public Relations Officer of the NGO Center Vahe Khachikyan stated that even though the organization had planned to see a turnout of 15 participants and 3 mentors, there were only 8-10 young people who participated in several courses (What is advocacy? What is civic journalism? How can civic journalism help publicize issues and solve those issues?) during the three-day tent camping event.

“One of the major steps of the initiative is to develop an action plan for the months ahead. The participants and skillful mentors will draw up and implement plans for publicizing environmental issues in communities in the course of the next two months. With special hashtags (#saveNature #NGOC #NESEHNUTÍ), the participants of the Youth Empowerment Program have also launched the SaveNature flashmob on Facebook with the purpose of spreading the word about saving nature,” Vahe Khachikyan stated, adding that upon the proposal of the participants, the participants from the engaged communities will disseminate calls for saving nature in the form of graphite within their respective communities in the next couple of months.

According to him, in this way, the residents of the community will not only be aware, but will also see that young people are trying to speak out about major issues and provide solutions to those issues. In this period, what was also very important was the mentors’ involvement, especially

during groupwork. The mentors helped the participants choose the right paths. Moreover, the participants are preparing articles devoted to nature protection that will be published in InfoToon blog in Vanadzor.

Let us mention that you can find out about the initiative and the flashmob by clicking the following link: