By Nune Harutyunyan
Wikimedia Armenia hosts “Photography as a Documentation Tool” seminar
Wikimedia Armenia scientific-educational NGO hosted a seminar entitled “Photography as a Documentation Tool” for young people interested in photography.
As Executive Director of Wikimedia Armenia scientific-educational NGO Gaiane Vardanyan said during the seminar, the goal of the event was to provide the editors of the “Wikimedia” project with certain skills in photography. “Our editors often feel the need to take photos on their own in different situations, and we organized this seminar to try to respond to their needs. The aim of this seminar is to teach them how to take photos the right way, how to work with a particular photo and edit it so that it stays the way it is and doesn’t lose its quality.”
The seminar was moderated by Deputy Minister of Culture Vahe Badumyan, who presented the importance and advantages of photography and its role in modern society. “Photography doesn’t intercept an instant, but helps see it better, just like a magnifying glass. Photography is like an optical microscope or simply a microscope, helping reveal that which was not visible to the eye before the photo was taken. A photo helps one see more in time.”
The role of a documental photo, the delicacies of taking a photo the right way, the principles of developing photos and the tools required for development were presented during the seminar.
Let us also mention that Vahe Budumyan and Karine Grigoryan have co-authored a handbook entitled “Issues of Photography: Theories and Techniques”. This handbook, which is written in a language that is accessible and is almost like the language used in an encyclopedia, serves as a guide for those who are interested in photography and are learning about photography and will help those people master the techniques on their own.