By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Dhol and duduk playing sisters performed Armenian ethnic music
Sisters Anahit and Anna Mkhitaryan performed Armenian ethnic music with the dhol and duduk on one stage.
On October 9, the Mkhitaryan Sisters (dhol player and dudukist) and Friends ethno music band gave a concert at Hakob Paronyan Musical Comedy Theater. The concert was held as part of the Francophonie events and featured new adaptations and jazz versions of the songs of Komitas, as well as Armenian folk songs and the songs of troubadours performed on Armenian folk instruments.
Anna Mkhitaryan stated that their goal is to properly present Armenian culture and that it should be mentioned that the works are being performed on the days of the Francophonie events, which uniquely advocates love and peace. “Love and friendship and the sense of being grateful are the most important things in the world. This musical family on stage was formed based on love and friendship,” Mkhitaryan said.
The audience warmly received the musicians, and evidence of this were the endless rounds of applause.
In an interview with following the concert, Anna Mkhitaryan touched upon the music band’s peculiarities in terms of performance of the works. “We approach every song from the perspective of the particular composer and think about what the composer was thinking when he or she was composing, after which we try to convey a certain message to the best of our ability,” Mkhitaryan said.
Let us mention that the concert was held as part of the Francophonie events in Armenia.