2018-11-15 10:44
The ideas unite young people
Some of us were born in big crowded cities, the others in small towns or villages with beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes.

But somehow most of us seek to move to more developed industrial places convinced that it will increase our chances of better job and life itself, thus underestimating the opportunities that could offer us our home place. 

Youth exchange “Rural in the new Urban” hosted by UniGrowth DC and held in Dilijan, Armenia from 25th October to 3rd November made young people from 6 countries (Armenia, Croatia, Georgia, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine) interested in rural areas development and full of innovative and creative ideas of social initiatives come together!

Here they had an opportunity to raise their awareness on employability potential in rural areas, to increase participants’ knowledge on social entrepreneurship as well as develop and gain tools to design their social enterprise ideas. Also participants had  a chance to meet local youngsters and get acquainted to social projects they do in their communities, shared practices each party could  take home. 

In the end of project they all had their unique ideas and inspiration to further develop and implement them in their communities.

The project was founded by ERASMUS+ programme of European Commission through Polish National Agency.