By Gaiane Melikyan
Two-day camping events/meetings held in Armavir, Ararat and Lori Provinces
From September to November 2018, two-day camping events/meetings were organized as part of the ART Motion Armavir18’ Program in the Armavir, Ararat and Lori Provinces. The program is funded by Eco Lab Foundation.
The main purpose of the program is to enhance young people’s critical thinking and disseminate the culture of street art in the provinces of the Republic of Armenia.
During the camping events/meetings, the participants were able to participate in courses on peacebuilding, transformation of conflicts, social and gender roles, as well as master classes on graffiti and street art.
The program in Armavir Province was held by Armavir Development Center NGO (6-7 October), while the programs in the city of Vedi and in the city of Vanadzor were held at the culture home in Vedi (27-28 October) and by Peace Dialogue NGO (24-25 November), respectively.
Among those who performed large-scale activities for this program’s implementation were Public Relations and Media Officer, host of the street art cost Davit Amiryan, Financial Officer Samvel Petrosyan, Coordination Officer Saten Hakobyan and facilitator of the EcoLab Foundation and the program’s mentor Anna Zakaryan.
Among the guest hosts of the courses were host of the course for the first stage of the program in the city of Armavir (Human Rights House Yerevan, Women’s Resource Center NGO) Knarik Mkrtchyan and host of the course for the first stage of the program in the city of Vedi (EcoLab Foundation, Peace Dialogue NGO) Lusine Poghosyan.