By Hasmik Gyozalyan
2019-04-02 17:14
Youth of the Village of Berd for the Sake of Perspective Borders
Make your birthplace the most promising. This important goal was to bring together a group of youth from the village of Berd of Tavush province.

After nearly a year of activities, they decided to create a structure that would unite young people living and working in the region. From the beginning of the year the Tavush Development Fund “Perspective Border” has begun to function. has interviewed Artur Safaryan, the founder-director of the “Prospective Border” and Siranush Melikyan, a member of the Board of Trustees, focusing on the programs, activities and other issues already implemented.

“The key emphasis is on making the border perspective”

Arthur Safaryan - The idea of creating the foundation was born during conversations and discussions. It was necessary to have a structure around which it would be possible to unite young people. The name was Siranush Melikyan's idea. The logo was created by Ani Ordyan and Henrik Gharsayan (members of the Board of Trustees). Then we started to work more actively.

Our main goal is fully reflected in the fund's name, "Perspective Border". We are trying to contribute to the development of the region through our steps and programs. The fund includes representatives from almost all villages in the region.

Siranuysh Melikyan - We are always concerned about the shortage of youth in the border. We have long considered how to find ways to contribute to our birthplace to become more promising for young people. There will be a place where future hopes, dreams and perspectives will be linked, so that everyone can imagine his work in his birthplace. Why "Perspective Border"? The perspective word was very important to us: a hope for the future. Our goal is to make the border perspective. It's a key focus on all our projects. We will encourage those young people who have dedicated their lives to their homeland to work there.

The most important problems young people face in the bordering area are:

Arthur Safaryan - First of all, the psychological complex. At least for me, this is one of the most serious issues. Let me explain what the complex is. Many people think that in order to initiate a business, they must try "outside". Do you remember the promotional video when the hero leaves the airport but regrets and returns? The psychological complex should be overcome. The 2nd I would mention high quality health and education, and safety issues.

Siranuysh Melikyan - I think that a young person working in a remote village should feel himself in a special position. A teacher working at Chinari School should not get the same salary as the employee in Yerevan School. In addition, cultural life should be improved.

Upcoming projects: youth forum in Berd

Artur Safaryan - We plan to hold a youth conference in the near future. Now, we also clarify the list of guests who will represent different spheres. Most likely, we will also invite MPs.

Siranuysh Melikyan - The conference will be held in summer in Berd. Successful business applications will be presented by their authors. Trainings will be conducted as a result of which the beginners will get new skills. Most likely, the conference will also have cultural orientation besides economic.