Expert in the Field of Youth /Trainer Competition
The Armenian General Benevolent Union and Eurasia Partnership Foundation invite experts and / or trainers in the field of youth development to take part in the training.

General information

The competition is organized within the framework of the project “KHKamurj” implemented with the assistance of the European Union. The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of Armenian civil society to contribute to the decision-making processes in Armenia, to respond quickly to the existing problems.

The purpose of the training is to develop capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the field of youth to improve the quality of their services.

The participants of the training are the representatives of civil society organizations operating in the youth sector.

The deadline for the course is 2019, May 6-7.

Application deadline is 2019, April 16, at 17:00.

Course location: KHK Management School, (1/23 Azatutyun, Yerevan)

Topics of the training
• Policy in the field of youth policy in the Republic of Armenia, policy analysis skills;
• Information on the projects supporting youth programs and their strategies (EU, CE, embassies, Erasmus plan, EU, USAID, international donors, RA state structures, etc.).
• Youth issues in Armenia: Examples of strategies, methods for solving them: community involvement, community development, social entrepreneurship, economic activity, partnership, civic activity, participation in effective governance, community participation, employment, leadership and other topics.
• CSO networks involved in youth development, partnerships, social media platforms, collaborative resources.

Application Procedure
If you have an experience in one or more of these topics, you can contact EPF by submitting the following documents:
1) Application: maximum 2 pages, with the following information:
a) field of experience (s)
(b) an attempt to develop and maintain a training course;
c) approximate structure and methodology of the proposed training (s);
d) the amount of expected remuneration;
2) Professional Biography (CV);

You can send an application to pmanukyan@epfound.am address, EPF Project Manager Piruze Manukyan. The subject of the letter should be: Youth Trainer, name / surname.

Selected experts will be invited for an interview by the project’s working group to make a final decision.

About KHKamurj Project
The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) is implementing this project in cooperation with the EPF funded by the European Union. The three-year program was launched in December 2016. The program is aimed at the development of the NGOs in Armenia, Armenian universities, as well as young professionals from the Diaspora who want to contribute to the development of Armenian organizations with their knowledge and experience.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of Armenian civil society to contribute to decision-making processes in Armenia. To achieve this goal, the program provides:
• Make up to 200 CSOs' professional (vertical) needs assessment, mapping CSO capacities and needs.
• Offer up to 200 CSOs up to 200 individual training courses.
• Provide professional counseling for up to 80 CSOs, inviting professionals from the Diaspora and Armenia on a free basis.
• Institutionalize capacity building by launching an NGO Management Academic Certification Program.
• Grants to implement small-scale CSO projects.
• Together4armenia online platform development.

Learn more about the program here. Links to the program are available here: www.agbu.am