By Union of Youth Organizations
Become member of the Platform #MEK: promote the development of the youth sector
Union of Youth Organizations announces about the recruitment of the new members.

Still, in October 2018, 7 youth organizations signed a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding, creating the UYO. The Union aims to form partnership among state, local self-governing bodies, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in the field of youth to address youth initiatives and work in the field of youth.

The founding members are Gyumri Youth Initiatives Center NGO, Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center NGO, CASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation, Armenian Progressive Youth NGO, Community Consolidation and Support Center Community NGO, "Stepanavan Youth Center" NGO and Oxygen Foundation.

You need to provide the following documents for the affiliation:
1. Filing membership application, approved by the head of the given organization,
2. Provision of two references by the founding members of the UYO (for full membership).

You can learn about the membership procedure and the Community Charter in Appendix 1.

The application deadline is April 23.

If you have questions, please contact Grigor Janikyan, e-mail: