Author։ H. Tsatryan
2019-04-13 14:42
Greco-Roman Wrestlers Won Medals
The Greco-Roman Wrestling European Championship has kicked off in Bucharest, Romania.

55, 63, 77, 87 and 130 kg wrestlers compete in the competitions. There were wrestlers representing Armenia in all weight categories.

Rudik Mkrtchyan (55 kg) started from the qualifying round where his opponent was the bronze medalist of the World Championship Nugzari Tsurtsumiayi and was defeated by a score of 2-5.

Slavik Galstyan (63kg) wrestled with Norwegian Stig-Andre Berg. The Armenian wrestler lost 2-3. The Norwegian, however, reached the final, so Slavik Galstyan has a chance to fight for the bronze medal. His opponent is Belarusian Maxim Nehoda.

By now, it is still possible to win a medal in at least three weight classes.