By Gayane Melikyan
2019-04-16 11:54
“Edu VanHub” Educational Program Moves Forward with Steadfast Steps
The idea originated in 2015. Now the project contributes to the promotion and development of youth media in socially disadvantaged communities.

Shirak and Lori were selected as the target regions. These provinces were selected as a result of consultation with the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development as socially vulnerable. Next 5 villages were selected from each province.

The name "Edu VanHub" is also not accidental. Van is a type of car body with which the team visits the villages. The car has a very positive appearance, decorated with colorful, figurative papers.

The author of the program, GaragErasmus4Yerevan president Gevorg Harutyunyan, told that the program itself is inclusive, so it aims to include children in socially vulnerable families: “We teach the media to discriminate false information from the truth, to express a viewpoint. The trainings are conducted by experienced professionals. At the same time, everyone agrees to conduct trainings with great pleasure,” - notes Gevorg Harutyunyan.

The latter also emphasizes the enthusiasm of youth and adolescents while participating in the training: “In general, we have many smart and talented young people. We are trying to motivate them to fill the gap that exists in them. Their ideas were different in the beginning. We tried to break that classic stereotype by creating a friendly, immediate environment, which gives them a chance to express themselves freely,” - notes Gevorg Harutyunyan.

At present 5 trainings have been conducted in Lori Province and 1 in Shirak Province. The feedback and the results are promising, as young people show an enthusiasic approach to the lessons, moreover, express their desire to participate again. In total, 10 visits are scheduled for the pilot stage, which should be completed in May. Apart from the visits, the team is working on creating a web site where young people can read the organization's activities, as well as educational programs’ announcements. This platform will also serve to connect the participants and trainers.

Gevorg Harutyunyan does not exclude the continuation of the project in other regions, moreover, the goal is to make it an Armenian educational brand, which will not be limited to the borders of Armenia. That is, it will become an international educational program.

“It is impossible to escape from the media sphere, and education is the best way to protect a person. We always say in the course of training that it is not necessary to select a journalist or photographer profession, but it is necessary and sometimes compulsory to be aware of sector challenges. The age and profession have nothing to do with it, because in the 21st century any person must be educated,” - he says.

The participants also receive certificates of participation.

You can read about Gevorg Harutyunyan also at the rubric of “Guidelines for Success”.