By Milena Mkrtchyan
Filmography: "After"- a new melodrama in Armenian cinema houses
Do you think what movie to watch on weekends?

A new series of's Film Gallery will come to help you. New and interesting films that will not leave young spectators indifferent. This week we present the melodrama "After".

Today, on April 18, the first screening of the film "After" takes place in Yerevan cinema houses.

It was shot on the basis of Anna Tod's novel. The film is a love story. The main roles are Josephine Lengford and Hiro Fine-Tiffany. The director is Jenny Gage. Producers include Anna Tod, Lug Williams, Mark Canton, Jennifer Jibgott, Corni Solomon, Aron Levitz and Dennis L. Pelino.

The film is about a girl, Tessa Young, who comes to college to get an education. Entering the dorm room, she follows her mother and her friend, getting acquainted with immoral and lively neighbors. Although two heroes are very different, the fatal meeting of Horde Scott and Tessa Young becomes the very important point after which the lives of heroes are divided into two parts - before and after that meeting.

The film features the love of heroes for reading. Although the main heroine of the film studied economics and business specialization, Charlotte Bronte's "Drought Rain" appears in her hands.

The second success is, of course, the Australian Josefin Lengford, who plays the role of Tessa. Whether it is extravagant or psychologically, mental, and worldly, the heroine differs from people in the place where it appears. Its natural beauty is contrasted with the artificial makeup of the peers, and elegant costume, in shining clothes.

Some users of the Internet consider this movie as the version of the "Gray 50 Tint" movie for adolescents.

The premiere of the film took place in Germany on April 11.