By Hasmik Gyozalyan
2019-04-19 23:37
Berd Community will Have a Youth Policy Strategy
Within the framework of the project "Formation of the Youth Council and the Development of the Youth Policy Strategy for the Berd Mayor", the Youth Council adjunct to the mayor will operate in the Berd community.

The main directions of the Council's activities and other topics were focused by suring the interviw with the program manager, member of the youth council adjunct to the Berd Mayor, and community representative Mher Papyan.

- When and by whom did the initiative "Formation of the Youth Council attached to the Mayor of Berd and the Development of the Youth Policy Strategy" start?

- After the enlargement of the community, regular discussions have been held with the participation of Berd Mayor.

- What functions will the Youth Council adjunct to the mayor carry out? What are the priorities?

- The first part of the program is to form a Youth Council adjacent to Berd Mayor. One of the most important emphasis was the fact that there were representatives from all the Berd communities. To make our program more accessible for the youth, we visited all settlements and held discussions. The series of discussions lasted about two months, with a total of 320 young people.

- The second part of the program envisages the development of a youth policy strategy. What are the things to do in that direction?

- Yes, the development of a youth policy strategy is the first step in the new board. Before developing the strategy, we have prepared a questionnaire for the recruitment. It is a 8-page questionnaire. During the meetings with young people in all the settlements, we have to fill out them and we have 320 completed questionnaires at this time. Evaluation, analysis, and summarizing all this will be done by developing the strategy, and then presenting to the community leader and the elders. In the case of adoption, the Berd community will have a youth policy strategy, which is unprecedented.

It should be noted that we feel the readiness of the municipality to support youth programs.

The first program we want to implement is the organization of annual community youth festival. We plan to run in the summer, most likely in August.