By Armen Simonyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-05-02 10:48
May 1 in Areni village of Vayots Dzor Province
May 1 is the International Workers' Day in Armenia and a number of other countries.

For the first time this day was celebrated in 1890 in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain and in a number of other countries.With eight-hour labor demand in the mid-19th century, Australian workers came first, and in 1886, workers in America and Canada organized a demonstration to make a working day of 8 hours. Dozens of people were killed in clashes in Chicago. 6 workers were sentenced to the gallows for organizing a blast.

At the suggestion of the American workers, in memory of the executed workers who organized a strike on May 1, 1890, the Second International Paris Congress announced that Day of Solidarity of Workers all over the world.

During the years of the Soviet Union, May 1 was celebrated gorgeously, accompanied by a big festive parade.

The holiday has been preserved so far, it is festive and non-working in Armenia. There are some communities where they celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The Areni village of Vayots Dzor Province is the only one among the villages of the entire Soviet Union, which has given birth to 11 heroes of labor. A memorial was erected there on May 1, 2019 in their honor.