By Gyumri Center for Youth Initiatives (NGO)
Gyumri Young Workers Want to Create Youth Employment Network in Armenia
On April 30, a working meeting was held in Gyumri Center for Youth Initiatives (NGO) on the "Recognition of Open Youth Employment in Armenia" program with a focus on open youth work or representatives of youth organizations working with open youth work to discuss open youth work network in Armenia shaping capabilities and formats based on best local and international experience.

In the beginning of the meeting Arthur Najaryan, an expert on youth affairs, project manager presented the purpose and importance of the network: "We think that this network should be created and incorporated into the employees of different organizations who are carrying out youth work, contributing to the institutional development of open youth work in Armenia. It should be a common platform that will enable young workers to develop their work and professional capacities to establish links between local youth workers and professionals involved in international open youth employment networks, as we imagine the network to be Armenia, formed of Armenian youth workers, should become a member of the well-known Professional Open Youth Network in Europe. The network will also serve to protect the interests of the youth sector, as we will have the opportunity to combine professionals and raise the key issues in our area, as well as show ways of their solution, why not as an important resource, knowledge base, to support different state institutions The main target is to protect youngsters, children, youth and their interests and rights," - says Arthur Najaryan.

Subsequently, Anna Yeghoyan, a public policy expert in the field of youth, introduced the peculiarities of open youth work and internationally accepted principles. Emphasizing the importance of creating an open youth employment network in Armenia, Anna Yeghoyan mentioned that today different types of youth work are being implemented in Armenia, but not everybody knows that they are engaged in youth work, moreover, being involved in youth work does not have the skills required for the youth worker. and the youth work in Armenia is non-coordinated, which can fill the availability of the appropriate network.

The participants then shared their perspectives on the future network, their potential impact, functions and issues. At the end of the meeting an agreement was reached to share further steps and to continue the cooperation. The meeting-discussion was conducted by Karen Terteryan, a youth work expert.

The "Recognition of Open Youth Work in Armenia" project is being implemented within the framework of a subprogramme provided by the "Constructive Dialogue Commitment" program implemented through a consortium led by the Armenian Association of Lawyers. The "Constructive Dialogue Commitment" project is funded by the European Union.