By Gayane Melikyan
Women's Night in Norway
Everybody knows about the International Women's Day, which is celebrated on March 8. But the fact that the planet is also celebrated the Night of Women, very few people know. It falls on May 8 and is celebrated in Norway.

The night of women (Kvinnehistorisk Natt), who played a significant role in history, was invented in 2006 by feminists from the Norwegian city of Bergen (Bergen).

The main requirements that the organizers of this Night make are equal wages for men and women (in modern Norway women’s wages are significantly lower than men in similar positions) and affordable kindergartens. Under the influence of these factors, gender discrimination only intensifies: women have to stay at home with their children, and going to work and hiring a nanny is unprofitable.

Another requirement of the organizers of the Night of Women - the closure of strip clubs, which, in their opinion, "are strongholds of depravity" and humiliate women. On one of the Nights, the defenders of women's honor organized a large-scale picket in Bergen - with banners, pipes and denouncing songs, as a result of which all strip clubs of the city were closed for some time.

Norwegian Muslim feminists also advocate the right of women to wear the hijab only if it is their own choice, and urge people to pay attention to the racist tendencies in the global feminist movement.

“The role of women in society is no less important than the role of men,” the organizers of feminist actions are trying to convey this idea to their fellow citizens. “Everywhere there are monuments to men, men dominate in the urban space, and the number of women deserving respect is no less!”, They say and annually put leaflets on the city walls with pictures of women inventors, women scientists, women politicians, writers , singers and artists.

Along with Maria Curie, Agatha Christie, Yoko Ono, Rosa Luxemburg, you can find Alexander Kollontai, Lesia Ukrainka, Anna Akhmatova, Valentina Tereshkova, Anna Politkovskaya, Anna Pavlova, Natalia Gorbanevskaya and other compatriots in the photos.

Since 2006, the Night of Women was celebrated only in Bergen, in 2010, Oslo joined the action.