By "Yeghvard" Youth-Environmental NGO
“The Future belongs to the Informed Citizen”
On May 7, a business lunch with the participation of Yeghvard Youth-Environmental NGO and partners was held in Aghveran within the framework of the Public Awareness Efficiency Program on “The Future belongs to the Informed Citizen.”

The event was one of the regular meetings of the final phase of the program, aimed at offering partners to engage in direct contacts and further deepening of further cooperation.

The president of Yeghvard Youth-Environmental NGO Sirarpi Manyan presented the essence and works of the program. According to Sirarpi Manyan, several months have been accomplished in five communities of Kotayk Province along with public awareness on energy efficiency, as well as community needs assessments and targeted research, as a result of which it has been decided to support several community structures to become more energy-efficient. Sirarpi Manyan also added that among the important achievements of the project is the commitment of communities to include energy saving as a supreme principle in community development programs and events.

Project experts Knyaz Saroyan and Susanna Petrosyan, referring to awareness-raising events, reported that there is a lack of awareness of the problem in many communities, so the main emphasis was on the providing theoretical and practical information, as well as presenting energy efficiency improvements, no costly solutions that can be used in everyday life.

Project Leader Ara Nazinyan, positively evaluating the course of the project, called for representatives of partner municipalities present at the business lunch to take part in the next stages of the project, thus getting the opportunity to get more support for implementing such measures.

Within the framework of the business lunch memorandums on further cooperation were signed between "Yeghvard" Youth-Environmental NGO and Yeghvard, Hrazdan, Abovyan, Charentsavan and Nor Hachn communities.