By Gayane Melikyan
Victory Day in Different Countries of the World
Victory Day is a celebration of millions of Soviet people of different nationalities and religions who have made an invaluable contribution to the complete defeat of Nazi Germany. Although the USSR had already collapsed more than 20 years ago, this day has not lost its relevance and is solemnly celebrated in many countries of the post-Soviet space.

Victory Day in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the Victory Day has always been celebrated very widely. The legendary First Ukrainian Front participated in the liberation of Right-Bank Ukraine and in a number of other major military operations of 1942-1945.

The main celebrations and military parade are traditionally held in the capital of the country, Kiev. Demonstrations also take place in other Ukrainian cities. In honor of the holiday in Ukraine, several series of commemorative collection stamps were issued. May 9 in Ukraine is a non-working day

Victory Day in Belarus

Victory Day in Belarus is one of the brightest and bright holidays, a day off. In Minsk and other cities on May 9, solemn processions of veterans and festive demonstrations, in which thousands of people take part, as well as commemorations of those who fell near the Eternal Flame, always take place.

Victory Day in Georgia

Victory Day in Georgia before the collapse of the USSR was traditionally celebrated on May 9th. Unfortunately, now the celebrations are not so wide and large-scale: in Tbilisi and in other cities of the country military parades have not been held for many years. But still, Georgian veterans every year come to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor the memory of those who gave their lives for the victory in the Great Patriotic War. In Georgia, there are many supporters of the transfer of celebrations on May 8, as this is the official date of Victory Day in countries such as England and the United States.

Victory Day in Lithuania

Victory Day on May 9 in Lithuania, unfortunately, is not officially celebrated. True, veterans gather for solemn rallies at military graves, and pass through small demonstrations along the main streets of their cities. It should be noted that September 2 is celebrated much more solemnly in Lithuania, the day when Europe and the whole world finally crushed Nazism and Japanese militarism.

Victory Day in Germany

Germany celebrates Victory Day on 8 May. Modern Germans do not associate this holiday with their defeat: for them it is a solemn day when Europe freed itself from the yoke of fascism.


The contribution of the Armenians in the Patriotic War can be considered glorious. For years, different celebrations have been organized in Armenia. May 9 for Armenians is a double victory, as it is also the Shushi Liberation Day (May 8). Early in the morning, people visit Yerablur military pantheon, bow their heads to the memory of the heroes who died in the Artsakh War and pay tribute to the memory of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War at the Eternal Fire of Victory Park.

On May 9, Victory Day is also celebrated in other countries: Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.