By Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
100 Ideas for Armenia - 2019
The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia announces a Pan-Armenian Youth Contest "100 Ideas for Armenia" (hereinafter referred to as the Contest).

Young people aged between 16 and 35 from Armenia and the Diaspora can participate in the contest. The goal of the competition is to develop innovative thinking of young people, involve them in the issues of social and economic development of the Republic of Armenia, to promote scientific and technical development and civil initiatives for innovative projects.

The main objectives of the Contest are:
• Promotion and development of youth inventions, innovations
• Identification and possible investment of innovative projects and scientific and technical developments of practical importance for the socio-economic development of the country
• Improvement of cooperation at all levels between public associations, business entities and government agencies in the process of solving social and public issues
• Implementation of youth social partnership and mutual responsibility principles in practice

The Competition Experts Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Commission), established to evaluate the bids received by the Organizing Committee (hereinafter, the Organizing Committee), will carry out an expert evaluation of bids. The top 20 applications, selected by the experts, will pass to the final stage of the Competition. From November 25 to December 6, 2019, Yerevan will host the 20 best innovative projects and scientific and technical developments exhibitions, followed by a Commission meeting, where the project defense (in presentation) will be hosted by the authors (author groups) and final evaluation: The authors of the Diaspora (author groups) can present their projects with the use of information technology.

At the end of the committee meeting, the Commission will publish final ratings of the approved categories and submit them to the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will sum up the Commission's assessments, as a result of which five winning projects will be determined. The winning projects will receive encouraging awards and certificates.

In 2019 the contest is held in the following categories:
• Chemical sciences,
• Information Technology,
• Pedagogical sciences,
• Architecture,
• Sociological sciences.

Projects need to be submitted in Armenian on paper and electronic media (Word Document (up to 10 pages) and Power Point Presentation (up to 25 slides). The usage of theadditional electronic media, video material, graphic schemes, computer programs, etc. may also be accepted.

The following criteria for project evaluation will be applied:
• relevance of the topic and practical significance of the project;
• Realistic implementation of competitive bidding project;
• The novelty of the idea or the innovation approach to the problem solving;
• Clarity and logical justification of the goals, objectives and objectives of the innovative project (research) and the clearness of the ways to achieve them,
• The uniqueness of copyright concepts and practical recommendations on the topic.

The works presented with the demonstration material (video clips, samples, etc.) gets an additional advantage. Tender applications are accepted from May 15 to October 1, 2019.

Applications (form attached) should be submitted to the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia (address: Yerevan, Abovyan 9, room 227) or send to e-mail:, indicating the title in the "Subject" section of the e-mail․