By VVA Ijevan Office
Photos by VVA Ijevan Office
2019-05-18 21:43
Tavush Province Administration is a partner of Children's Protection Advocacy Group
In Tavush The World Vision Armenia International Benevolent Organization is implementing a Child Protection Advocacy Program, in which 45 children aged 13-17 from Berdavan, Haghtanak, Navur and Berd communities have strengthened their skills and knowledge on advocacy and data collection, surveys, fundraising, and community-based projects. During the business meetings, children also discovered their problems in their communities that touched their interests.

For example, the Berdavan Children's Advocacy Group considers the basic need for full-fledged and adequate shelter in their school and the provision of adequate classrooms in the school of Navur as the school has not been renovated for quite some time. In their communities, groups have already met with school principals, pupils and parents, pedagogical boards, and local government bodies and presented the issues raised by them and the possible ways of solving the results of their surveys in communities.

Discussions have taken place and interoperability opportunities have been identified. Then meetings were held in Tavush Province Administration to make the children's voice heard at the regional level. Head of Tavush Province Hayk Chobanyan, Adviser to the Governor Nikolay Grigoryan, Chief Specialist of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport Artur Vanesyan hosted the groups. The governor thanked the children for public participation in the events and urged them to be active, highlighting the role of the community in solving problems.

The governor has also made his comments on the identified issues and urged the involvement of all possible interested sides in solving them, urging the children to be consistent in their actions. He suggested conducting similar researches in other schools of the province as well. Certain steps will be taken with the participation of several parties in the near future. The Advocacy Program enables the development of community-based projects and civic initiatives, campaigns and other activities through the use of capacity and knowledge in which decision-makers and the community are also involved. The program is implemented in 6 regions by World Vision Armenia International Charitable Organization.