By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-06-10 17:33
Exhibition of National Costumes at the House-Museum of Lusik Aguletsi
The house of the Honored Artist of Armenia, painter and ethnographer Lusig Aguletsi, which has become a house-museum, has become a favorite place for many people. A place where you can feel the breath of Armenian nation, a place where you can find harmony.

At Lusik Aguletsi's House-Museum, where there is also a small café, events are often organized, during which the latter's works are presented.

June 8 was one of these days. Lusik Aguletsi's collection of costumes was presented to the visitors, which is an important part of her creative activity. The collection has been repeatedly presented in different countries: Italy, Germany, China and elsewhere.

Lusik Aguletsi was the only one who was wearing clothes and thus formulated culture in the Armenian reality.

The designers say with great enthusiasm that the house-museum has been opened, the flow of visitors does not stop; moreover, visitors of different ages are interested in this art and national culture in general.

Models have been selected for showing national costumes.

The main purpose of the exposition is to get acquainted with the collection created by Lusik Aguletsi, which is more expressive in terms of national values ​​and culture.

Let us also mention that Lusik Aguletsi's book "Spiritual Way" was recently presented at the House-Museum.