By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Emma Matevosyan
“Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull” Film Screening and Discussion in Sevan
On August 23, the screening of the movie “Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull” was held at the Sevan Writers Union Resort. Film critics, representatives of the cultural world and the media were present.

The organizer and host of the event was film critic Diana Martirosyan in partnership with SPRING PR.

Diana Martirosyan had initiated the film screening and further discussion with the aim of re-evaluating the role of the ideas put forward in each of our lives, presenting the difficult way to the realization of the big dreams and the obstacles on this way, struggling and finding new sources of inspiration.

“During the preparations for the “Golden Apricot” 16th Film Festival we visited this area and were disappointed that all the events are taking place mainly in the center of Yerevan, while Armenia has great prerequisites for activating cultural life in regions. Thank you all for joining this crazy idea of ​​mine, thank you for your support. I would like to express my special gratitude to Yeremyan Projects and its dedicated and professional team, without which all this would not have been possible. And we will still hear a lot about Livingston,” - Diana Martirosyan said.

American writer Richard Bach’s novel Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull has been a source of freedom, purpose, re-appropriation, revaluation, and the pursuit of lofty dreams for decades for its readers.

The location was also not randomly selected. It was intended to move the epicenter of events from Yerevan to the provinces as well. Sevan was chosen in accordance with the film.

The film was followed by a discussion during which opinions, views, and comparisons were made with the book. Many people watched the film for the first time, but the book was still fresh in their memory.

The music section of the film was also in the focus of the discussion, which attracted the attention of the audience.

The film, which lasts more than an hour, tells the story of a young seagull who, expelled from his herd but learning to live and fly, strives for self-improvement. This is a film about struggle and striving for more.

Every reader or spectator of the film perceives and accepts the image of the hero in a different way. The sentiments of the book and film versions are different, but ideologically, each reader or spectator is united by one thing – the desire.

Director John Bartlett’s film Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull, was included in the list of "One Hundred Motivating Movies” by the American Cinema Institute and won a Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award. Famous actor Charlie Chaplin in the Los Angeles Times described the film as beautiful and original, which is worth watching. It has been nominated for an Oscar in the nomination for Best Cinematography and Best Editing. The film’s soundtrack album, released by renowned musician Neil Diamond, has won a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe Award.