By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-11-14 22:48
Film Library. Judy's movie is About the Famous Judy Garland
This fall, a movie called "Judy" tells the story of American actress and singer Judy Garland.

Judy Garland is number 8 on the list of the 100 Greatest Stars of American Movies of All Time (aired June 16, 1999 on CBS).

Judy's biography tells the story of the last year of the life of American actress and singer Judy Garland. At the heart of the plot is a five-week Garland musical show in London dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the film "The Wizard of Oz". A film that made the young actress a star in 1939.

The main character in the film "Judy" is played by Oscar-winner Rene Kathleen Zellweger. The audience is known for his films Bridget Jones Diary, Chicago, and more. Other notable actors in the film Judy include Rufus Sewell, Bella Ramsey, Sir Michael John Gambon and Jean Whitroc.

For the first time, Rupert Gold appears as a film director. Until then, he was known only for his theatrical performances. His love for theater could not have influenced his choice of film theme. The audience is presented with not only Judy Garland, but her life story on stage.

"Judy" is based on Peter Quilter's musical End of the Rainbow, and the soundtrack is Judy Garland's favorite song by Rene Zellweger.