By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-12-29 11:04
Narek Duryan: “This was a Dream for Me”
On December 27, the book "Love Menu" was presented.

The latest Love Bohemian performances in "Love Menu" are summarized. The author is Narek Duryan. The collection is a surprise for Duryan's 60th anniversary.

The book includes 5 plays: "Se-La-Vee", "Coma Nostra", "Love Menu", "Blog" and "Action Nemesis". The author of the cover design is Arvin Kocharyan, who, while photographing, the actor did not even realize that the cover of his book is being created at the moment.

It is a surprise to Duryan students of the theater, editors Armen Avanesyan and Christine Hovhannisyan, who were awarded the actor's 60th birthday at the same mono performance.

“I would never have dared to publish if every show had a history of 5-10 years. To say more, when the book was presented to me, I took it home, put it in the library, noticed that Dostoevsky was next to it, took it out, Chekhov was in the other place, moved it again ... I couldn't find a place for my book. "

Expressing gratitude to those present, the actor also confessed that he had always dreamed of having a book; “I've always dreamed of having a book. I was thinking about how to apply ... This was a big surprise for me. Of course, this was a dream for me.”

At the end of the event, almost everyone in attendance received books featuring the favorite actor.