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2020-07-08 12:35
The participants of the April war, the servicemen who carried out peace-keeping missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo or those who served in the Armenian army in some period of time assemble Kalashnikov automatic rifles in Armenia. ARMENPRESS reports "NEUTRON GAM" newly opened company currently assembles the rifles with parts imported from Russia.

‘’Now we are allowed to assemble up to 50 thousand rifles annually. In the 1st stage of the production the rifles will be assembled with imported parts. The specialists who assemble the rifles have passed through the April war and have carried out peace-keeping missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo. They are familiar with the weapon not from school courses, but from their personal experience. They served or worked in army during different periods’’, Deputy General of the company Igor Gardienko said.

The company assembles the new AK-103 model, the 1st batch of which will be provided only to the Armed Forces of Armenia, while later they can be also exported.

The company plans to start the 2nd stage of production in mid-2021, which assumes producing the parts in Armenia.

Bullet production is also planned. ‘’150 million bullets will be produced annually. Design work are nearly completed and the factory will launch the production from mid-2021. Nearly 1200 people will work there’’, Chief engineer of the company Armen Bakhshyan said, adding that 150 million bullets exceed the demands of Armenia and they can also be exported.  

The production is based on the agreement between "NEUTRON GAM" company and ‘’Kalashnikov’’ Concern.