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2020-07-18 11:09
Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan expressed satisfaction over the works done in the direction of establishing common gas market in the Eurasian Economic Union and hoped that the future constructive works in this direction will be accelerated based on mutual understanding and respect for the interests of all EAEU-Member States, the correspondent of reports Pashinyan said in Belarus during his speech at the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council session.

‘’ I would like to dwell on the following agenda issues: First, I wish to state my overall satisfaction with the work done to create a common gas market for the Eurasian Economic Union, which is reflected in the report.

We are hopeful that the ongoing constructive efforts will be stepped up based on mutual understanding and respect for the interests of all EAEU-member States. Transition to market-based pricing mechanisms and setting tariffs (prices) for gas transmission services in the common market are among the topical objectives of this Program. We are confident that these principles constitute a key prerequisite for attaining the goals of the unified gas market formation'', Pashinyan said.

Referring to the development of agro-industry and industrialization, Pashinyan said that Armenia highlights having large projects in the mentioned spheres that would imply interstate cooperation, mutual deliveries of raw materials or finished products, as well as projects aimed at developing and implementing innovative technological solutions.

‘’ As regards the Union’s industrialization map, it may become a mechanism to further stimulate cooperation and promote joint import-substitution projects, as well as to assess the potential of member countries’ industries. The industrialization map will help us make a better use of resources in each member state and support those enterprises cooperating with their partners from other member states'’, Pashinyan said.