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2020-09-19 17:13
Applications for women's pre-military training will start on October 1.

Military training exercises are organized on the initiative of the RA Prime Minister Anna Hakobyan with the support of the RA Ministry of Defense.

The program is open to females aged 18-27.

Within the framework of the program, the participants will be trained in barracks for 45 days, acquiring the skills of a soldier. The daily life of the camp participants will be organized according to the standard adopted in the Armed Forces, according to the daily schedule of the military unit at 6:30 am, gymnastics, breakfast, class and field exercises, etc. Visits, dismissals from the location of the military unit, vacations, as well as the use of mobile phones with video recording and video recording capabilities in the military unit will be prohibited.

Before being included in the program, the candidates will take part in an interview, undergo a complex medical examination, psychological testing (candidates' orientation ability, adaptation to service conditions, stress resistance, etc.) will be checked, after which they will pass physical training standards. At the end of the training, a final test of the participants will be organized. The participants who have registered the best results, if they wish, will have the opportunity to join the RA Armed Forces as contract soldiers, entering the service in the conditions specified by the RA Ministry of Defense և at the place accepted by the RA Armed Forces.

Anna Hakobyan will take part in the beginning and end of the exercises.

Those interested can send the applications (copy of passport and CV) to Anna Hakobyan's office at, this year. October 1 to 31.