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2020-09-23 08:12
"Detq" pop, soft, rock genre group, whose members are Arman Petrosyan and Vahan Kirakosyan, was not inactive during the spread of the epidemic. The band worked with the support of producer Arman Amp, presenting both new songs and videos to the fans.

The creative activity continues even now. "Detq" will release a new album, songs and a video clip in the near future.

The details of the news were revealed by "Armenpress" correspondent in a conversation with "DETQ" producer Arman Amp.

"More than twenty songs were written during the spread of the epidemic. Eleven of them were included in the album "When the Light Opens", which will be available in October. Electronic pop, techno pop genre music is presented. The author of the music is Arman Petrosyan, and the songs are based on poems by Armenian, British, Spanish, Russian and other writers. Among them are Hamo Sahyan, Nairi Zaryan, Gabriel Garcia Lorca, Sergey Yesenin and others. We have chosen the works of the authors, taking into account not the attitude of the people towards the poets, but the content of their works, "Arman said, emphasizing that the poems will be presented in the original version. He added that the album will be published on online platforms.

According to the producer, there are songs whose music is reminiscent of the musical styles of the 90s. Popular music that was very popular in those years is now being popularized by internationally renowned stars such as The Weeknd, Dua Lipa and others. According to Arman Amp, this is due to the fact that there seems to be no place for progress in pop music, no matter how we turn, we will return to the pop of the 90s, which is very good.

"There is a generation of creators around the world who grew up with the music of the 1990s. Naturally, they can not avoid presenting it. Admittedly, the boys are very inspired by the Armenian band Avtopilot, about which very few people know. The band formed in the late 1980s and early 1990s with great songs. The copyright of one of their songs was inherited to singer, composer Tigran Petrosyan, and then passed on to us. "Next year, we will probably present the English version of that song, written by Tigran Naghdalyan, to the fans," said the group's producer.

The group has already released a video based on the composition "Luys", one of the songs on the album "When the Light Opens", which has received positive comments, and a few days ago "Detq" shot a video based on one of the songs not included on the disc in Tavush region. The music of the song was written by Arman Petrosyan, and the lyrics by Vahan Kirakosyan, the director of the video is Arman Amp, and the cameraman is Karen Galstyan.

According to Arman Amp, an interesting case was obtained, which should have had a video. "This year marks the 5th year of the band's founding, we connect this song and video with the band's anniversary. The song is a call to love, but it touches on meaning. "We want to say that the band could not do anything alone during these years, the band has found its place thanks to the people - musicians, directors, producers, journalists, etc. - who have supported" Detq ", - said Arman and added, They will soon present a song called "Mars". It's a love affair, happy: fun.

"DETQ" group was created in 2015 by producer Arman Amp. In 2017, the group was recognized as the best pop band in Armenia in 2016 at the "Swallow" National Music Awards.