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2020-11-09 08:14
Representative of the Defense Ministry of the Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan informed that the situation on the front line remains tense.

Hovhannisyan said in a press conference that the clashes continued along the entire frontline from night and throughout the day in different directions.

''The clashes were quite intensive. In the northern direction small combat groups tried to attack our positions reinforced by artillery fire, but suffered losses and retreated. After recording some success in Martuni direction by the Azerbaijani armed forces, our troops were able to stop the adversary and repel to their initial positions, inflicting heavy losses. The clashes inside Shushi, nearby Shushi and on the roads were quite intensive during the entire day'', ARMENPRESS reports Hovhannisyan as saying.

He added that at the moment there are some clashes, but at a much lower intensity.

Hovhannisyan emphasized that in the direction of Berdzor the Azerbaijani armed forces made a number of attempts to break in the front line and head to Berdzor, probably, trying to reach and support their troops near Shushi, but suffering heavy losses, fled. ''At the moment the clashes continue and the overall situation can be assessed as quite favorable. Our troops are able to hamper all the attempts for a success of the adversary, but the clashes are still going on. It's already 3-4 days that in fact, clashes for Shushi continue at night hours'', Hovhannisyan said.